Sonika & Miqueas - Garret Mountain, New Jersey

Those who know them, know how much they LOVE one another. Lucky for US, we saw what it looked like. 

Yani & Ricky - La Romana, Dominican Repubilic

"We just want to have fun and make sure everyone that attends, enjoys themselves." Well that they did!

Tabitha & Jeff - Hardyston Township, NJ

Love, Family, & Friends are what these two are about. Don't believe me, just take a small glimpse and check out these LOVERS.

Joana & Willie - Ochos Rios, Jamaica

From the US to Jamaica, friends and family were able to experience a weekend of LOVE. Talk about expressing their LOVE. That is exactly what they did.

Alicia & Kevin - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Talk about a man that couldn't wait for his special day. From the moment we sat down with Kevin, all he spoke of was his anticipation for his wedding day. We surely got to witness love in the Dominican Republic.

Millie & Joel - Glen Ridge, NJ

Millie & Joel set out to capture love and celebration. Take it from US, this was a wedding where you could count the number of people sitting in their seat. Congrats to the two love birds. 

Jessica & Pedro - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

They say when you know, you know. Pedro knew the moment he locked eyes on Jessica, she was the love he was always looking for. This wedding was everything and then some. 

Edmary & Johnathan - Belleville, NJ

Love found them in college. The rest is history. This is a match made in heaven.