Hi there! We are Nelson and Victor! We have been best friends for over 15 years and now we are living our dreams as a photography and videograhphy duo.

Our journey started when we picked up our cameras and asked ourselves, are we what the wedding industry has been missing? The rest is history. 

To US it’s all about chemistry, bringing out the best in our couples, and making sure our exceptional work gets us invited to the family BBQ!

Someone please pinch us! Capturing love, breathtaking stories, and special events that people will forever cherish for the rest of their lives is a dream come true!

Facts about US:

- 100% of our couples are still married! (will be removed if it ever changes, let’s hope not!)

- Over 90% of our couples hire US for both photography and videography.

- We have captured over 15 international destination weddings.

- Our couples represent our communities. Culture and Diversity radiates throughout our portfolio.

- Nelson loves being a girl dad and between the 2 of US, we have 4 beautiful dogs. Kano, Mina, Sir Neptune, & Mikah.

- Nelson loves the New York Mets, while Victor lives in misery with the Dallas Cowboys.

- Our pride and joy is our award winning photo-album. Check it out for yourself =) 

- Nelson once cried throughout a couple's vows…….. intensely.

- Victor and Nelson have over 150 online reviews ranking them as one of the top pros in their field.

- Nelson’s favorite part of the wedding is the bouquet toss while Victor is the first look.

- 100% of our couples stated they will recommend our services to other friends and family.Victor always is the one who operates the drone, Nelson is still scared he might crash.

- Nelson does all the photos while Victor does all the videos.

-Before every wedding, a funny ritual is that we both eat a PB&J sandwich.


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