Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

You’re cozy in bed, getting ready to dream of planning for your big wedding day and then from the corner of your room you hear, “honey, my cousin knows a guy that can take our wedding pictures and I think they are cheap.” This may sound as a sigh of relief for some, but for most of us this could be one of those moments where you wish you fell asleep 10 minutes prior. Yikes!

If you’re reading this, chances are you are currently planning your wedding and/or in the process of selecting one of the most essential elements of your special day. That’s right, your wedding photographer and videographer. Before I continue, let me introduce myself as creating blogs is surely going to be something fun, exciting, and educational. My name is Nelson and along with my partner Victor, we are the founders of US2U Digital Studios where we focus on wedding photography and wedding videography. We bicker about ev-ery little thing, but the most important thing we bring to the wedding day is our working chemistry. Now back to our blog.

Chemistry is important alright; Take a step back and ask yourself, would you be marrying your partner if the chemistry wasn’t there? I think most of us can answer that with a quick, no time needed for a response, no! So what makes the difference between your partner and hiring your wedding team? The answer is nothing. 

You vetted your partner, sparked conversation, and said to the inner you, “hey, this could work out pretty fine.” There is too much at stake on your special wedding day and not doing your due diligence to find the right team for you could haunt you for a very long time. 

The process can be daunting, scary, and every other word under the sun, but there is nothing better than the peace of mind feeling, knowing you have done everything you can for your wedding day. 

Whether you’re a LOVE aficionado or type A, vetting your wedding team is a must. You will thank us later. 

If you would like to know questions you should ask wedding teams, feel free to reach out. We are in the business of weddings and that also includes helping couples select their team.

As always, be strong, be happy, and be ready to say I do.

Good luck.

Nelson Sanchez

US2U Digital Studios, #LetUSdoit 

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